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You are absolutely right!

I used readelf to look at the dynamic section of libdictionaryclient.so and saw a reference to libdictionaryservice.so, so I made an explicit link in my example (using -l as I built it) to create the same relationship and voila, it recreated the behavior I saw in the example driver. Without the link during build time of course it requires autoloading or explicit library loading to get them both in memory.

Thank you!

- Langley

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I know I'm missing something, so I'll just say that at the outset.

The example code in the 2.1.0 branch has a great little driver that is wonderful for exploring the behavior of the framework. However, it exhibits a behavior that I'm having a hard time replicating on my own.

When I use the example code, I can load the dictionaryclient service and somehow the dictionaryservice gets loaded. The problem is I don't know how. It's as though autoloading is working, but I'm reasonably certain that this isn't the case because when autoloading "kicks in" there are log messages printed to the console and in the case of the example driver, that doesn't happen. I know all the libmoduleXXX.so files are located in the same directory and I've included that in my "test scenario" where I'm trying to replicate the behavior.

Am I missing some special relationship between the dictionaryclient and the dictionaryservice?

Another way of expressing my confusion is to ask how the relationship between the dictionaryclient and dictionaryservice is different from a scenario where autoloading is needed.

Thanks in advance!

- Langley

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Thank you for your amazingly quick reply Sascha!

Great news that this is a problem that has already been addressed in the development branch.

Do you have a "ballpark" estimate of when the 3.0 branch will be released? I'm in the process of checking CppMicroServices into our internal development infrastructure so that several of us can share it, consequently, I'd prefer to stick to released code.

Thanks again!

- Langley

#4 General Discussions & Feedback » Turning off "In AutoLoadModulesFromPath at..." messages » 2014-10-03 16:38:33

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I'm experimenting with CppMicroServices 2.1.0 and more specifically the autoloading feature. Unfortunately, I haven't discovered how to turn off the logging when the AutoLoadModulesFromPath() method is running (without modifying the source for that function of course).

I'd love to set the logging level by just setting a configuration flag or programatically setting the logging level in my application. I tried using installMsgHandler(0) as the test in usDebugOutputTest.cpp did but that didn't turn off the logging coming from AutoLoadModulesFromPath. Clearly I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance for pointers. CppMicroServices looks very useful and I'm excited to use it.

- Langley

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